Hello, AEWriters!

Welcome to your brand new blog at Edublogs!

Make sure that you have all entered the Edublogs Student Challenge!  You need to be working on steps 1-3, so check your Gmail messages. Ready, set, GO!

6 thoughts on “Hello, AEWriters!

  1. G’day Ms McDonnell,
    For some reason, you have turned off commenting on your other two posts, so I could only leave a comment on this one. Can you please check the following:
    dashboard> settings> discussion – have you ticked Allow people to post comments on new articles
    If this is already ticked can you do the following:
    Open the post Enter the student challenge into the edit dashboard
    Under the post area is trackbacks and discussion. Open the discussion area with the drop down arrow and see if you have ticked leave comments.

    • Hi Miss W.–
      I checked the discussion settings and ticked “Allow people to post comments on new articles” which was previously NOT selected.

      Does this fix the issue for you? Thanks! Ms. McD.

    • Miss W.–
      Are there additional Weekly Challenges posted yet, or is Week One the only “assignment” for students so far? Is there a list of upcoming weekly activities? If so, how can I share that with my students?

  2. G’day Ms McD,
    This weekend I will be publishing Week 5 challenges.
    You need to visit the challenge blog each week to find out the new activities. Once at the blog, maybe fill in the subscribe by email widget on the sidebar, that way you receive an email each time I publish a new post.

    But I notice you have on your blog a widget showing posts you are following and I can see Week 2 Let’s comment and Week 3 Using images and Week 4 Celebrating creatively.

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