Commenting Guidelines

Content drives your comments!  Comments fit into three tiers: 
A Tier 1 comment is very general and simplistic. It doesn’t add much of anything to the post. Example: Your blog is cool. Please check out mine!  A Tier 2 comment adds information to create a brief conversation within the comment.  A commenter might compliment the writer in a specific way or add new information.  A Tier 3 comment makes a connection by sharing common experiences.  Another option is to end the comment with a relevant question, which often leads to an interesting conversation.


Watch this video made by Mrs. Yollis and her students for an in-depth look at leaving meaningful comments:

Write High Quality Comments 


According to Kathleen Morrisquality comments means

  • writing the comment like a letter (greeting, body, closing, signature).
  • using correct spelling, punctuation and spacing.
  • re-reading the comment and editing before submitting.
  • complimenting the writer in a specific way, asking a question, and/or adding new information to the post.
  • writing a relevant comment that is related to the post.
  • not revealing personal information in the comment.