Week 8 Recognition

Congratulations to Reece, Mia, Ian, Jack, and Joaquin for their recognition in Miss W’s Week 8 SBC post.  Each of them wrote posts that reflected awareness of their audience. They spoke from the heart, communicated with passion, and brought their subjects to life. Check out their work!

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If you have not yet checked out the game for Week 8, please participate.  The official part of the assignment is to link at least 5 other student blogs to the sidebar on your blog. These blogs must be from at least 3 different countries and NOT your classmates. See the post for how to add a global blogroll to your blog.

Of course, you may link your classmates’ blogs as well, but those links will not count toward this week’s activity.  Get out there and visit and leave quality comments!

Week 7: Wild Horses ~ American Mustangs

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Wild mustangs are gorgeous, majestic creatures.  Investigate the issues related to the herd’s battle for survival in America:





PBS Documentary Untamed Legacy

Yum! Week 5 Challenge Topic…FOOD!

Please read the information and description and begin working on the WEEK 5 Student Blogging Challenge: Our Food. I can’t wait to read your blogs after you complete this creative and interesting activity.  Activities 1-4 are due Tuesday, 11/10/15.  Have fun!

America’s Most Famous Foods

From Twinkies to fried chicken to peanut butter and jelly, Americans really love their sweet, fatty, breaded, gooey treats. 

A photo of a twin pack of Hostess Twinki

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Americans Continue To Consume Beef Products Despite First Case Of Mad Cow Disease In US

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KFC To Stop Using Trans Fats

Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

We also love BARBEQUE.  According to Time, “merely throwing meat on a grill is not barbecue — at least not in the traditional sense.”  Ribs, steaks, chicken, even turkey ends up on the grill, but to be true BBQ, it has to be smoked and tended over the indirect heat of a wood fire for at least 18 hours!  Since most of us don’t have time for that, we call it BBQ if we use charcoal and cook over an open flame in our backyard or college football tailgate.  Either way, the results are pretty tasty.


Catch up! Blogging is in WEEK 4!


Scary Jack o’ Lanterns!

Students: Below are the links for the SBC tasks that you need to complete as soon as you can. We will be working on these tasks in class on Thursday and Friday.  Have fun! I am looking forward to seeing what you will create. 

Special Event: Raise Your Voice!

Week 2 activity: Let’s Comment

Week 3 activity: Using Images

Week 4 activity: Celebrate Creatively